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A problem with your credit card? Do not panic !

Thanks to their ease of use, credit cards are the most practical means of payment, especially abroad. If we believe all the figures available, they are also particularly reliable. According to The Nilson Report of mid-2013, we record for all credit cards combined frauds of about 6 cents of dollar on 100 dollars treated. A figure that drops to an average of 1 cent dollar if you only consider credit cards with a PIN code (which is the case for all Best Bank credit cards).

This of course does not mean that credit cards are foolproof

credit cards are foolproof

And in the event of a problem, we will do everything to help you as best as possible. As a service oriented bank, we swear by satisfied customers. And if for some reason or other they do not happen, it is more than normal for us to react in the most dynamic and rapid way possible.

This happy outcome is exceptional. In general, people in a similar situation unfortunately never get their money back. However, we do everything in our power to help our customers the best.

How to avoid such a situation? Never transmit your confidential data to third parties, whether by telephone, e-mail or on the Internet, not even your bank. They will never ask you to provide them with confidential information by telephone, email or SMS.

Problem solving doesn’t stop there

credit cards

We also helped Joana Del Prado, from Bruges, who recently wanted to book an excursion to an amusement park in the Netherlands. “I wanted to stay at the hotel du parc,” he explains. “So I called the reservations department andgave them my Best Bank credit card number. However, for some reason, my payment has been declined.

Joana Del Prado therefore called on the Best Bank With this information, Joana Del Prado contacted the amusement park again.“ The error turned out to come from the amusement park reservation system. They agreed to make an exception and authorized me to pay for the stay there, which is normally not possible. ” Genos Sasing also recently encountered a very specific problem that Best BankService Center. “A kind collaborator answered me. He could see that a payment had been ‘initiated’, but that it had not passed. He also assured me that everything was in order with my account and that my balance was sufficient to be able to make a payment.

Service Center solved for him. ” I was going on a trip to Spain, and I had unfortunately brought my Maestro card instead of my credit card, “says Genos.

However, he only noticed it when he wanted to rent a car on site “It was then that I noticed that I had forgotten my credit card. So I immediately called Best Bank  Service Center, who assured the rental agency that there was no problem and that I could rent a car without any problem!


Do you have a problem with the use of your credit card?

credit card?

Do not hesitate to contact Best Bank Service Center. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will find a solution for every problem, but we will do everything to help you as best as possible and as soon as possible.

Which bank borrows notary fees?

When purchasing your home, the additional costs – also called notary fees – can add up considerably. We understand that you want to take out an extra loan for these costs. Which bank borrows notary fees? You will find out in this blog.

But say, is a notary really necessary?


When purchasing a home, the intervention of a notary is mandatory. He is the person who informs and guides you during the purchasing process. For example, it is the responsibility of the notary to arrange all necessary certificates and deeds.

What are the notary fees?

What are the notary fees?

It is difficult to speak about the notary fees because it is actually an umbrella term. For example, the notary fees generally consist of:

1. Registration fees

Only since June 2018 have the registration fees been set at 7% on the purchase amount of a home. And now the new Flemish government has again set a reduction. So you pay from January 1, 2020, just 6% registration fees in exchange for the abolition of the housing bonus.

You should pay the amount of the registration fees to your notary, who in turn transfers it to the tax authorities.

2. Deed costs

Your notary incurs a few administrative costs when drawing up the deed, which he charges to you. For example, it can be about a mortgage certificate, the soil certificate, and tax searches.

3. Fee

The notary’s fees are laid down by law and consist of a fixed percentage on the purchase price of your home.

Why borrow for notary fees?


Simple: because the amounts above can increase considerably. The registration rights alone will cost you a lot. If the purchase price of your home is 200,000 USD, you already pay around 12,000 USD for the registration fees.

Not everyone has that amount in a savings account just like that. And what you do not have in your own contribution, you will have to borrow.

Get a notary loan at Good Finance


We understand better than anyone that the additional costs are just that little bit too much. With Good Finance you can, therefore, obtain a notary fees loan in addition to a mortgage loan. And not unimportantly: at the most advantageous interest rate.

Good Finance works as a broker with the most current banks. As a result, we have a perfect overview of all available loans that you can obtain. That way you know that you can always borrow from us at the most advantageous conditions.

Let’s sit together for a person-to-person conversation. Our employees are happy to talk about your current financial situation, your expectations and the opportunities that present themselves.

You can always go to one of our offices whenever it suits you. We have offices in Antwerp, Deurne, Zoersel, and Hasselt, so always around the corner. Make an appointment now for free and without obligation or just drop by.

5 tips for the right installment loan

For almost 140 years, banks in Germany have been reputed to be the perfect partner for private individuals in matters of investments and financing. The installment loan was considered one of the best loan offers for the middle and lower classes on the German financial market at all. But in the years 2009 and 2010, the success story came to a sudden end. Lenders took over banks and replaced the traditional bank with the exception of one branch. With him also the installment credit disappeared from the face of the earth. The instant loan has followed its footsteps.


5 tips for the right installment loan

1. Short or long term: Available- vs. installment loan

installment loan

Depending on whether your purchase just overextends your budget or whether this will be the case in the long term, it is worth considering which form of credit is the right one: overdraft or installment loan. An overdraft facility, ie an overdraft facility for a checking account, is often twice as expensive as an installment facility. Therefore, it is advisable in any case to check whether the account is now overdrawn for a longer period and it therefore makes sense to apply for an installment loan. Useful tip: If you use your overdraft facility on a regular basis anyway, rescheduling on a cheaper installment loan offers a lot of savings potential.

2. The tip of the balance: the condition comparison for the installment loan

installment loan

If you have decided on an installment loan, it is always worth comparing the conditions of different institutes before applying. Some providers lure with an “asterisk offer”. This only applies to a restricted group of people with very good creditworthiness, a certain loan amount and term and is therefore probably a few percentage points from your current interest rate. In general, the interest quantifies the price of your loan. Always compare the effective annual interest rate: it includes all costs for the loan and is therefore the ideal basis for a quick comparison. Also pay attention to an identical term and loan amount when comparing different offers: This is the only way the comparison is meaningful.

3. Creditworthiness matters: the Credit Bureau Score

3. Creditworthiness matters: the SCHUFA Score

Most loans are credit-dependent: This means that the credit institution uses your personal data to determine the probability that you will repay the requested loan. As a rule, the bank receives the information for this via Credit Bureau (abbreviation for “Protection Association for General Credit Protection”). This credit agency collects the credit-relevant data of the Germans in order to make them available to banks and commercial companies. The higher your likelihood of repaying the loan and the lower the default risk for the bank, the higher your Credit Bureau score and the better your credit rating. Important: The higher your credit rating is, the lower the interest rate that is usually offered to you. It makes sense to regularly check and, if necessary, correct the data that Credit Bureau holds about you. You can arrange both on the Credit Bureau website.


4. Pay attention to the correct wording: Use “Inquiry loan terms”

loan terms

Every credit request is forwarded to Credit Bureau. Too many inquiries have a negative impact on your score and thus on your credit rating. The reason: Credit Bureau then assumes that you make so many credit inquiries because you are always rejected. It is therefore important to explicitly advise the clerk to make a so-called “request loan terms”. Because this type of query is deleted after ten days and therefore does not affect your Credit Bureau value.

5. Everything at a glance: Plan your financing request realistically

financial loan

Whether you or your customers want to buy a new car, finance a modern kitchen or plan a debt rescheduling – your loan amount and the monthly installment should be tailored to your life situation. Clean up and compare all your income and expenses. This is the only way to get a real picture. For example, when rescheduling a debt, it is important not only to replace the old loans, but also to take account of credit card debts and overdrafts. It is also important that you can pay the monthly installment over the entire term.

Cheap installment loans



If you value special service and guaranteed low interest rates for your installment loan, you have come to the right place: numerous victories and podium finishes in tests by renowned institutes.

Whether installment loan, car loan, debt rescheduling, energy or civil servant loan: You can easily secure your cheap financing online with our loan application. We compare the interest of all relevant providers free of charge and make you a non-binding proposal at optimal conditions. Benefit now from our first-class advice from our installment loan specialists.

    Effective interest and debit interest: Why the comparison of installment loans is not always easy

    Effective interest and debit interest: Why the comparison of installment loans is not always easy

    The current loan conditions depend on the desired loan amount and the term of the installment loan. In principle, the longer the term, the lower the monthly charge. The decisive factor when taking out an installment loan is the interest rate at which the bank lends you the money. This represents, so to speak, the remuneration that you, as a borrower, pay for the borrowed money. The so-called “borrowing rate” remains constant over the entire term. However, the borrowing rate is not suitable as a comparison criterion for an installment loan because it does not include all credit costs.

    In contrast to the borrowing rate, the effective interest rate takes into account other factors that determine the cost of an installment loan. In addition to the borrowing rate, it includes interest clearing dates and payment rates. Processing fees for loan agreements have not been permitted since May 2014.

    You can use the effective interest rate to compare installment loans with the same term if all price-determining factors are identical except for the debit interest rate.

    However, the comparison is complicated by a number of other costs that are not included in the effective interest rate. We therefore recommend that, in addition to the effective interest rate, you also carefully examine the other costs for the installment loan you want and contact our experienced installment loan specialists. We will be happy to advise you and are guaranteed to find the cheapest offer for you.

    Creditworthiness decides on the cost of the installment loan

    Creditworthiness decides on the cost of the installment loan

    The offer for an installment loan varies depending on the creditworthiness of the applicant. Your credit rating gives the bank information about your solvency. It is determined by private credit agencies. Your personal credit score includes a variety of factors, such as existing financial burdens, your assets, family and living situation or your professional background. On the basis of these points, Checker creates your credit rating, which shows how risky it is for the bank to grant you a loan. With a good credit rating, the offer for the installment loan will be cheaper than with a poor credit rating, as the bank takes less risk of default.

    Small loan comparison without Credit bureau.

    The Internet makes it possible to get a small loan without Credit bureau. Normally, information is requested from Credit bureau for every credit request. If it is OK, so it has no negative characteristics, there is nothing to prevent a loan approval.

    If Credit bureau reports negative information, a loan application is usually rejected. But there are also small loans without Credit bureau, for which Credit bureau information is not requested. For a credit approval, only the income and the employment relationship are checked. A small loan comparison without Credit bureau provides the right provider.

    Guarantee the best conditions with a credit comparison

    Guarantee the best conditions with a credit comparison

    When comparing small loans without Credit bureau, the loan seeker should pay attention to the interest rate level. When it comes to interest rates, the greatest differences between the individual loan providers are visible. The focus should be on the target and effective interest rates. The borrowing rate is fixed and is independent of the loan amount, the term and the fees. It looks different with the effect interest. The amount of this varies, and it also includes various factors.

    The term and loan amount represent certain risks that can be found in the effective interest rate. The income of the loan seeker also has an impact on the effective interest rate. The higher earners have better chances of a low effective interest rate. In the case of a small loan that is granted without Credit bureau information, only the income is taken as the loan security.

    The Internet makes a small loan comparison possible without Credit bureau

    The Internet makes a small loan comparison possible without Credit bureau

    The loan seeker can look for a small loan comparison without Credit bureau on the Internet. Numerous finance portals provide a free and fast provider comparison with several offers. The exact entry of income, use, loan amount and term makes the exact restriction and reveals the cheapest financing option. Customers should make sure that it is really a credit comparison that is not subject to Credit bureau information, nor does it require personal input such as address and name.

    For applicants with poor credit ratings

    For applicants with poor credit ratings

    It is particularly important to differentiate between reputable providers and black sheep. The credit intermediaries who provide loans from Switzerland can be called serious. The Credit bureau query criterion is excluded, but proof of adequate income is required.

    Many providers place a loan without a Credit bureau query on the Internet. The credit terms and conditions are different. Therefore it is interesting to carry out a loan comparison. By comparing different providers, a small loan without Credit bureau can result in efficient financing.

    Increase installment loan: is that possible?

    Yes and no. As a rule, you cannot easily top up a recently taken out loan because banks have set up a kind of lock for such cases. After a certain waiting period, however, it is possible to get a new loan amount from the bank.

    In addition to topping up, there are other ways to increase your loan size.

    In addition to topping up, there are other ways to increase your loan size.

    Let’s take an example situation as a basis: three weeks ago, a borrower took out an installment loan of 5,000 dollars to renovate the lower floor of his home. In addition, he would also like to treat himself to a new dining area, a few great lamps and a new corner sofa. In the frenzy of the renovation work, the borrower realizes that he has made a mistake. The 5,000 dollars are not enough. He needs 7,500 dollars.

    After such a short time, his bank will probably not increase his loan. If you need money again after a few weeks, it is a sign for banks so shortly after applying for a loan that you do not have your finances under control. So that you do not become over-indebted and the bank will get your money back safely, you will probably refuse to top it up. Most banks are blocked for six months until they provide you with additional funds. Then you can try it again.

    What options or alternatives are there

    What options or alternatives are there


    However, the bank’s approach does not change the bottleneck of our example borrower. The borrower still needs 2,500 dollars more than planned. To increase your credit anyway, you have the following options:

    1. Take out a second loan: For example, you can take out another loan from another bank to close the funding gap. Your creditworthiness will be checked again for this. In this case, however, you should be aware that your credit check score can suffer and be reduced. Because if you take out two loans from different banks within a short period of time, credit check evaluates this negatively. At credit check it can be given the impression that you are living your life on a pump and that you are in a difficult financial situation. Therefore, it downgrades your credit rating.
    2. Debt the loan: You could also debit the insufficient credit and increase it by the missing amount. You always have a four-week notice period for consumer loans. You could thus trigger the insufficient credit with a new, higher credit. A debt rescheduling is particularly worthwhile if you have other loans – such as an overdraft facility – in progress. So you can put all liabilities on a single loan and then pay only one installment to a bank. A debt rescheduling of several loans often has a positive effect on your credit check, as it shows that you want to get your finances in order.
    3. Rethink your plans: A further and probably the most unsatisfactory alternative would be to rethink your plans and reduce them if necessary. Of course, you can only do this if you do not really need the loan. Our example borrower might think about whether it really has to be the expensive corner sofa or whether he can save on his renovation plans in one place or another? This alternative does not have a negative impact on your credit check, nor does it increase your debts with the bank.

    So if you find yourself in a situation similar to our example borrower, you have a few options to get out of this situation. Our installment loan specialists will be happy to help you and find a solution together with you.